Dev Blog - February 2024

Glad to see you checking back in! We've done quite a bit last month which I'm super eager to share with you guys so let's get right into it!

More control over your history

We started the month off strong with some new additions to the history page as promised! You can now filter on your liked images and sort by date. Allowing you to glimpse back at your very beginning and see how far you've come! Alongside this you can now exclusively export your liked images if you so desire!

Your profile and image sharing

As we said in the previous dev blog we are hard at work to start creating more of a sense of community and allow you to share your creations in more ways, we've already started adding the first few things in preparation of this.

Blog image

You can now set a unique nickname for yourself on your profile page, as well as change your profile picture! These will be used in the future when we start implementing public profiles and the likes, which will allow you to share all your favourite images directly with whomever you please! We will be adding direct image sharing in the next week or two and there is much more to come after that!

A snappier experience

A bit more technical but nonetheless important work that we've done this month relates to our backend migrations. We are hard at work improving our systems in preparation of adding much-requested image features such as up-scaling and other forms of image editing.

The first few stages of this have been done and have improved the performance of our website! Latency is down by a significant degree, allowing you to generate your images faster and make the website way more snappy.

What's next?

We have many things on our radar, too many things to sum up quickly here. But for the coming month we'll be looking into getting the direct image sharing out and have a nice base-line for starting to create a sense of community. Alongside continuing our work on improving and preparing the backend for all those juicy image features.

There are some other smaller features and improvements we'll try to implement in the meanwhile, such as exporting all your prompts, a beginner guide to prompting, improved account management page, allowing you to control your profile and potential subscriptions with ease and more!