Dev Blog - March 2024

Hey there! We've been hard at work, fixing bugs, implementing new features and improving the existing features on our website. So let's see what got done this month!

Direct image sharing

The keen eyed amongst you might have noticed already, but we've released our first step in expanding the sense of community on the website. You can now publicly share your images easily using the new public image pages. You can do this by clicking on the share icon (or right clicking) on any newly generated image.

Some of your older images may not yet be compatible, but we are currently working on making this available for all of them, so keep an eye out for that!

Check it out here in case you are curious:

Blog image

You'll have all the settings at a glance and can recreate similar images with the press of a button!

Control over you account and subscriptions

In addition, we've expanded and improved the account page. You can now easily update your personal details, manage and gain insight in your subscription and change your public profile!

Once we get further with our community goals you can expect this to expand, being able to add your own bio, share your profile and the likes!

What's next?

We've heard you guys ask for a guide and some tips for beginners in starting out, so next up on my list is building an interactive guide, giving you some example prompts and settings to play around with to get yourself ready to create the best gens possible!

Alongside this we'll be working on implementing a public image gallery to get inspired by and view how they're made, allowing you to discover and try out new prompting styles and techniques!

While I'll be busy improving the website further, our ongoing efforts to build a community model are still underway, keep an eye out for more news regarding our progress and plans later this month!